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Artist. Crafter. Instructor.

Rubber Stamping

Stamping isn’t just rubber anymore.  No more ink and stamp, we stretch that to scene building too!  A little ink, some strategically placed stamps and you’ve got your scene built.  Stamping isn’t just for building scene’s, Kim stamps for mixed media, Copics and more!

Mixed Media

Paper, paint, ink, die cuts, stencils, ephemera… Put them altogether and create art. Mixed media can express your feelings with many different types of art.  Art journals, canvases, tables, chairs, if it can be painted… we’ve altered it.


Remember your loved ones forever, not just in your heart but for all to see in your home as well.  Completely customized with a photo, details about them as well as any loves they may have had. This memorabilia plaque will last a lifetime.


Kim Parkinson

I’m a little bit crafty and a little bit geeky. Does that mean I use both sides of my brain?

For the last 15+years, I’ve worked in the crafting industry. Yes! Scrapbooking, mixed media, painting, card making; almost all things paper, ink and paint. I even owned my own brick and mortar retail craft store for 5 years! During the last 15+ years I’ve also been in charge of several websites. First updating and maintaining, then creating and now coding. I’m still an avid crafter and work both sides of that brain as often as I can.

I love creating things, that’s why web development fascinates me. I plug in some words and pretty things appear – instantly! After closing my retail store and working in an office, I’ve decided to sharpen my web design skills and add in webs development. Learning the HTML, CSS and PHP behind it all really excites me. It really is instant gratification!

Mixed Media 100%
Rubber Stamping 100%
Memorabilia 90%